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We know where it comes from.
And now, so do you.

Agriculture is something close to our heart. This has always been the case and it has remained that way. We have been planting, cultivating and harvesting with our own hands for decades. And we are proud of that! That is why we use our own products not only in the cooking pot, but also in our own farm shop. We know our products, and we know them from the roots up. From our farm, delicious food now comes directly to your home.

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Befüllen & verpacken Sie ganz individuell Ihr Genusspaket. Wir schicken Ihnen das Verpackungsmaterial zusammen mit Ihrer Bestellung; Karton 36x35x9 cm (Platz für 4 Weinflaschen), Holzwolle, Trockenblume, Garn, sowie Apfelhotel Hangtag. Damit machen Sie bestimmt eine gute Figur.